3D Brows Online Training

15 Lessons

                                             Welcome to the Family!

The 3D Brows Online Training program will provide you with the foundation of knowledge you need to build upon in Microblading.   Our courses are designed to provide detailed materials along with instructional videos and assignments to ensure students learn proper habits.  Students who comply with the 3D Brows Academy training agreement will have unlimited access to our student community and online training materials.   We hope you will use this knowledge as an ongoing tool to help you grow into an accomplished artist!

To continually perform beautiful work with exceptional healed results, your going to have to push yourself!   It would be naive to think you can master this craft by taking a weekend crash course or without having the proper mentors to provide you with the much-needed hands-on instruction.  Before microblading on clients, we recommend attending at least 50 hours of class training or with an experienced mentor. It is crucial to work on multiple live models start to finish, while being supervised, before trying to work on a client unassisted.  Online training alone will only provide you with the mental knowledge and practice patterns.   In order to get the feel of techniques and proper depth control, you will need to work with an experienced mentor.

We recommend going thru the lessons in the appropriate order, however, if your preparing to attend one of our upcoming Hands on Training we certainly advise that you complete lessons 1-6 beforehand.

3D Brows Online Lesson Directory
Got Questions or if you wish to share stories be sure to join our 3D Brows Certified facebook group.   This is a closed group for 3D Brow students only!

As you go through the online training you will see the checkbox highlighted to the lessons you have accessed.   Some lessons may have multiple assignments that are required.  To help keep track of the required assignments download the 3D BROWS ONLINE TRAINING ASSIGNMENT CHART and keep a log of the required assignments and date submitted.   Students taking Online Training Only are required to fill out and submit the online training assignment chart prior to receiving a certificate of completion fo 3D Brows Online Training.